New Patient Sign Up

First contact our Call Center (256) 536-9300 and receive your Log-in ID and Password. You’ll need these to proceed to the next step. Click here to continue our new patient registration process. First access the New Patient Portal. Then you will enter your patient history, such as: Medications, prior procedures, current or past health issues. You will need that information on hand, before beginning. If you log out before completing ALL portions, none of your information will be saved. After you have completed and submitted all sections, you will be “locked out” until your doctor visit.

To log in:

1. Log-in ID: Enter your E-mail address.

2. For the temporary password, enter this word: password (no capital letters).
(Then, establish your own password.)

3. The PIN is the year you were born. (Enter all four digits: YYYY.)
Once you have entered the Log-In ID, set your password, and entered the PIN, you are in the Web Portal. After you have completed the web forms online, you do not need to print them. We will give you a print-out to review, at your next appointment.

B.) Medical Records Release

After you have successfully finished the on-line registration process at the New Patient Portal, then download and print the Medical Records Release . Complete this form and bring it to your next appointment. This will expedite your care and reduce waiting time.

Please bring all information, scans, or films regarding medical conditions, prior surgeries, and any medication that you may be taking.
Any problems or questions, call (256) 536-9300.